Classically Modern Home Interior Design

Classically Modern Home Interior Design by Robin Chell Design

This is interior design of Madrona Residence This classically modern, 3400-square foot home overlooking Lake Washington was designed to maximize the expansive water views and encourage the interplay between the indoors and outdoors with a lush and expansive courtyard. The interior design emphasis on natural and honest materials included the use of exposed concrete, natural stone, blackened steel and sustainable hardwoods. Robin Chell Design Architect: Kim Lavacot, Bennett Lavacot Architecture [...]

Apartment Interior

Tips When Looking for an Apartment

Here are pictures of Apartment interior. If we looking for an apartment, how we do to save time and energy looking for a new place to live. Consider these tips when looking for your next apartment. Saving Time and Money Looking for an Apartment

Villa Johansen Design by Willa Nordic

Luxury Touches Interior – Villa Johansen by Willa Nordic

This Villa was designed by Willa Nordic. The interior design get luxury touches. With bright interior, combination of black and dark brown splashes, provides the character to the house. Villa Johansen by Willa Nordic.

Style Design a Beautiful Bedroom Luxury

Style Design a Beautiful Bedroom Luxury

Beachfront properties are very desirable, a lot of people because they as a rare commodity. Not everyone will have the privilege of having a piece of property that is close to the beach, because of how limited and expensive these properties. Although the properties so close to the sea are among the most expensive, they remain one of the best investments you can make. The house almost always retains its [...]

Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design Ideas by Porcelanosa, Provided for Your Kitchen Design

Porcelanosa, a Spain company, a global leader in the innovation, design, manufacture and distribution of Tile, Kitchen, and Bath products, endeavors to be the industry leader by providing trendsetting cutting-edge designs of unparalleled beauty and refinement, uncompromising quality, technologically superior products and dependable services to its clients. Here are some their kitchen designs, contemporary, modern and luxury kitchen design provided for you. If you looking for about kitchen design, we [...]

Interior Design Ideas, Interior Design Pictures

Interior Design by Michael Wolk Design Associates

This interior was designed by Michael Wolk Design Associates. For further detail visit Michael Wolk Design Associates site.

Preparing Special Dinner for Christmas Eve with Loved Ones

Preparing Special Dinner for Christmas Eve with Loved Ones

Preparing Special Dinner for Christmas Eve with Loved Ones. Christmas dinner is a chance that you can always wait. You might have thought that it was the right time when you will be able to spend some great time with your loved ones. Because it can be said as one of the best moments of your life, of course, would be better than you give the best Christmas decorations for [...]

Scoop Bathtub, Bathtub Design

Scoop Bathtub Design, Attractive and Practical Bathtub Collections from Falper

Description of Scoop Bathtub from Falper : The Scoop bathtub, designed by Michael Schmidt, seems to rise the wall and blend perfectly with its surroundings. It is the ideal combination of the clasic bathtub and more recent solutions in the cntre of the room. The Scoop bathtub is perceived as a seductive sculture for the modern bathroom. Designed by Michael Schmidt together with the washbasin of the same name, this [...]

Sunbed Design

Sunbed Design by Vardai Design Studio

Sunbed was designed by Vardai Design Studio, made for an Italian competition. The project was that people had to plan aluminium furnitures. They planned a furniture which is a sunbed in horisontal position, and if you slew it, you can use it as a chair. The sunbed is stable, but the moving of the frame permits that we can turn it always toward the sun. The turning of the sunbed [...]