The Idea of ​​a Classic Traditional Design Dining Room

September 20, 2014 under Dining Room Design

Dining room a classic traditional design The Idea of ​​a Classic Traditional Design Dining Room

The dining room is a place to eat for the residents. The dining room is usually located near the kitchen, in order to simplify the food presentation. The dining room is generally equipped with dining table, chairs and dining room furniture that support.We will display a series of beautiful images from the small dining room sets. Designs like this are usually found on the lodge and the classic type. Several sets out to dinner is also included (can be seen in one picture below). Although the dining room is quite small, but still beautiful and interesting to eat together.

In areas that are not wide, setting the dining room is a challenge. In addition to receiving guests for dinner, this space must be set for comfortable and not fully impressed. As in the tiny houses, a dining room functions are often combined with other rooms. For that, there are some homeowners who put the dining room on the balcony outside the home. This can also attract attention, because it can immediately see the scenery outside the home. So the atmosphere will be even more fun to eat. Here are some of the small dining room sets is beautiful!(via)
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Apartment Design Minimalist Model of Tokyo

September 19, 2014 under Apartment interior

Apartment design minimalist 11 Apartment Design Minimalist Model of Tokyo

It is not easy to live in a 30 square meter apartment. Although it was possible to design her home in Tokyo so beautiful that all they need. The apartment has a bedroom, dining room and living room. There is also a balcony with lighting, table and chairs. If the weather is like an extra room.There are no partitions in the apartment. This makes it easy and flexible. Akis not try to collect things provides for the storage facilities in all. Boxes on the shelves and shelves of worksheets to keep order. Most things in this apartment has a double function. It also helps to live comfortably in the small apartment.(via)
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Workspace Interior Design Ideas

under Office Design, Office Interior

Previous post we have showed you Office Space Design by Stanislav Orekhov, now we showing you about workspace interior design ideas might suitable with your taste.

Workspace design ideas Workspace Interior Design Ideas
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