compact kitchen designs photo

Compact Kitchen Designs for Our Apartments and Home

Kitchen is one of the important space that must exist in our home. This is where we perform activities to cook for our family. If we reasoned that there is not enough space to create a kitchen, so after seeing this kitchen design we will think that there was a kitchen design that fits to our home, even with the limited space available. Here is a space-efficient kitchen design:

Elegant and modern bathroom design

Elegant and modern bathroom design

Rexa designs are powerful and effective. They have encapsulated the essence of good taste and great quality. You could take inspiration from the bathroom collections available in-house. You could also play with different hues of blue, grey and brown. But if I was you, I would stick to the classy, timeless white exteriors which are shown below. (

Modern interior design with black furniture

Modern Home Interior Design with Black Furniture

Here are cool design of home interior design that use black as their themes and the furniture inside. Actually, people use to say that black is not cool to use as inside the interior design. But you can check out below for interior design that use black furniture and themes as their main interior decoration.

Acoustable, luxury coffe table with sound system integrated

Acoustable, Luxury Coffee Table with Sound System Integrated

This very brilliant ideas, a coffee table combined with sound system. Compact and movable, previously unimaginable. We can enjoy a cup of coffee while enjoying music with one equipment, coffee table integrated with sound system.This called Acoustable, comes from Belgian designers Jérôme Spriet and Wolfgang Bregentzer, combines the functionality of a coffee table with the beats of a quality sound system.

Bathroom Design

Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas

According to the digsdigs : Axor is as part of Hansgrohe which specialize in bathroom designs and furniture. If you want to create a place of peace and relaxation which represents your wishes and dreams than Axor is here to help you.

Modern House Design by Young Dutch Architect Arjen Reas

Modern House Design by Young Dutch Architect Arjen Reas

According to the This house is designed by a young Dutch architect Arjen Reas for an entrepreneur who wanted to find its family a peaceful place to live on the edge of the city where he works. The house is designed with traditional ideals and contemporary living features. It features amazing views of the farmland around that allow all urban feelings to go away. The house has a thatched [...]

Cool living room design ideas

Cool Living Room Design Ideas

Living room is place where we spend part of our time, relaxing, met with our family, friends, or guest. Or enjoy time to watch TV and enjoy our home entertainment. That’s why that room should be comfy, good looking and functional. Here are some cool living room designs that might inspire you to create a really good relaxing space at your home.

Contemporary classic bathroom photo

Contemporary Classic Ceramics Products for Bathroom

Here are some product from Design Ceramica, product for bathroom that are made from ceramics.This line of products meets the market requirements by an abstraction from traditional ceramic for sanitary wares in order to provide a continuation of model repetitions by means of small style variations. The pedestal basin and the square lines get softer and turn into light profiles running all around the edges in continuing harmony with the [...]

Modern black white kitchen design

Modern Black White Kitchen Design

This black and white kitchen design comes from the Futura. A kitchen placed in front of large clear glass window, make this space more efficient in electricity consumption in day time. We can cooking while see the outdoor space. Blank and white is contrast color that suitable for kitchen. The kitchen must be easy in cleaning. Cleanliness is important for this room, because this room is place where foodstuff is [...]