Creative Pink Brown Bookcases

September 18, 2014 under Furniture

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This bookcases is unique in design. Consists of two part, bookcases and reading space. Bookcases is in brown color, while reading spaces in pink color. Bright in color combination.

Creative Pink Brown Bookshelves Creative Pink Brown Bookcases

Bookcases, seem trivial, but if these designed with great design and fits color combination, will be very interesting. Like this bookcases, Striking color combination, pink and brown. The design is unique, because the center designed for read with relaxing, leaning back for example. Relaxing reading we think more comfortable, perfect for light reading, such as reading newspapers, magazines, or comics. But if to learn that fits on desk, sitting reading a book, because weighs reading, more serious. This bookcase is perfect to complement our reading room.


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