Tiips How to Make Room Stays Cool Without Air Conditioning

December 16, 2014 under Home Ideas

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One way to save energy is to not install the air conditioner in the room. Ac does consume a lot of electricity. But in some areas the air and temperatures tend to be hot and stuffy. So how to make the room stays cool without installing air conditioning? Here are some that we can apply to:

Stays Cool Without Air Conditioning Tiips How to Make Room Stays Cool Without Air Conditioning

Choose wall material that can withstand the heat of the sun :
The best solution to ensure that building materials maker walls of your home can hold the sun’s heat. The walls are able to withstand heat, meaning he was “put off” the heat out into the house.

However, this building material is not a patch material, but the material the wall builders. Use natural stone walls, concrete walls, brick walls, or wooden walls. Each material has a different ability to withstand heat. Thus, you can adjust how strong and how long your walls able to withstand sunlight.

Natural stone walls as thick as 30 cm can withstand heat up to 8 hours. 15 cm thick concrete walls can withstand heat up to 3.8 hours. Brick wall 10 cm thick to withstand the heat for 2 hours. While the timber wall thickness of 5 cm only able to withstand the heat for about an hour.

Another element as a cooling :
In addition to the wall material, roof make “hanging” on the windows of your home. This will be a protective roof that controls the entry of sunlight into your home. Do not forget, in addition to carefully choose the material the wall manufacturer, you also have to carefully choose the floor to stay cool in hot temperatures. Also, try to maintain the plant as a “protector” of your home from the hot sun.


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