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Design Style Elegant Modern Dining Room Contemporary

Design Style Elegant Modern Dining Room Contemporary

This is a beautiful dining room interior decor combines with modern and contemporary design furniture set is a feeling of comfort and elegance. Hulsta as well-known furniture companies have some original ideas up for grab, if you’re looking to remodel or redesign your dining room. At all you can imagine directly from a simple minimalist chair for creative dining table and the tables and candles, Hulsta provide you with all [...]

Sirio, New Coofe Tables, Coofe Tables design by DZstudio

New Coffee Tables Collection from DZstudio, More Enjoy Your Coffee

DZstudio was established in 2004 by Andrea Di Filippo and Enrico Zanolla. Andrea (born in 1977) and Enrico (born in 1981) graduated in the University of Architecture of Venice (IUAV) and then opened their own studio the same year. One of their collections is Sirio. Sirio is a collection of coffee tables and stool. The structure is restrained by a circle giving the impression of being chocked. They are available [...]