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Modern Storage Furniture for Home and Office

Creative Home Office Furniture for Storage Solution

Creative Home Office Furniture for Storage Solution. Here some modern storage furniture for home and office  from Danish manufacturer Montana Møbler. These are creative home office furniture for storage solution. This minimalist storage furniture available in 42 lacquer colors. So many colors choice which can be match to the interior theme.

Tips Creating Comfortable Home Office

Tips Creating Comfortable Home Office

For optimize our brain to work diligently, we need a comfortable work space, with privacy, as well as inspiring. Sometimes great works emerged in your personal workspace. There may be dozens of reasons why someone should work at home. Working in the sense of looking for income. The reason could be because it has no office or has a business that is mange from home, could be due to have [...]

Simple Minimalist Bathroom Furniture Photo

Simple Minimalist Bathroom Furniture Photo

Here are inspiring minimalist bathroom furniture from Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. The clean bathroom with minimalist furniture inside is very good design. In this bathroom area, there are only few items that show this bathroom is simple, just what people will use is in this bathroom. Not need a lot of furniture placed in this bathroom. Is this bathroom we want, if yes, hopefully this post helpful in build bathroom [...]

minimalist home office furniture

Minimalist Home Office Furniture Concept by Yuppie Hippie

This home office furniture concept by Yuppie Hippie. Single line furniture give a touch of futuristic design that is ideal for offices with small spaces. This contemporary furniture design as a whole has a groove with one line, which is used to form a table, where computer, storage shelves, chairs and bookshelves. Unit minimalist office furniture is made with the design of the letter L and is designed to stick [...]

Eli and Ricard’s kitchen

Kitchen Design Ideas from Logo S.Coop

A modern company, Logos. It is now moving towards the future by offering a high-quality innovative product, with a production process that allows its products to stand out clearly from the competition. Aware that each customer has different needs and requirements, it works to design spaces for each way of life, thus respecting the idea that there is a kitchen for everyone.