Minimalist design idea teenage bedroom with a funky color

September 21, 2014 under Bedroom Designs

Design minimalist bedroom orange guy Minimalist design idea teenage bedroom with a funky color

Every time your teen decides it’s time to do a bedroom makeover with a funky color, you’ll want to use the experience to teach the skills of his beautiful decor. The time will come, because all children eventually become interested in having a more mature space, not space their children are grown in. Allowing your teen to help the whole procedure will give him a chance to express themselves, and also to learn responsibility. When you first sit down to discuss the room with your teen, you’ll find that he wanted more than anything. For example, he would want extra seating and sleeping space available for friends. Do not panic, though. Provide him with what he wants not to be expensive. By using a little ingenuity you can help make a fantastic youth bedroom.(via)
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Living room with blue-white color ideas

September 7, 2014 under Living Room Design

White and blue living room 1 Living room with blue white color ideas

White and blue, two colors to make the hearts and our feelings are always on the verge of peace, always create an unpleasant atmosphere to be fun. This color is used for interior design, this living room design using two colors, namely white and sky blue. Every corner in this rumble was so peaceful and cool. In addition to the minimalist design and simple colors used in eliciting the effect, the impression was too cold and minimalist, and enhance peace. Good choice sofas and furniture bookcase also participate in building comfortable.(via)
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Minimalist living room design ideas

September 5, 2014 under Living Room Design

Minimalist design living room Minimalist living room design ideas

If you are a fan of the minimalist design of the living room then you should look at the beautiful in living room. Design minimalist kitchen is in a class by itself and the value of consideration if you are looking for stylish living room design that packs a punch. Pared to its essence, the perfect, timeless beauty that radiates beautiful. If you are looking for a modern living room design without compromise.(via)
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