Modern Bedroom Design with Violet Element

September 10, 2015 under Bedroom Designs

Modern bedroom design with violet element

This attractive modern bedroom design and maybe it could become an interesting inspiration for you own bedroom. It is filled with furniture in two colors: white and violet. The combination of these colors allows to make any bedroom light, airy and at the same time to perfectly accentuate the certain elements. The white bed has a simple shape and could ideally fit for minimalist design. More information about this white bedroom furniture with violet elements you could find on Diotti site.
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Modern and Minimalist Apartment Interior, Furnished by Italian and French Furniture

August 24, 2015 under Interior Design

This is an interior apartment with gray color. With a modern and minimalist design that is able to provide comfort for occupants. This is designed by an architect, Vitaly Pavlenko, for a young woman living in the capital of Belarus, Minsk. The apartment is mostly furnished by the Italian and French furniture.

Modern and Minimalist Apartment Interior, Furnished by Italian and French furniture
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White Bedroom Furniture with Violet Elements

August 16, 2015 under Bedroom Designs

We think this is a good bedroom design, modern and can be an inspiration to our bedroom. White and purple color combination, attractive color. White bed with a simple form, minimalist design. With features zigzag shelf mounted on a wall, functionally to place books or other small items.

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