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Design a modern glass table 1

The Idea that Modern Design Dining Table

A table of supported glass stones into a beautiful decoration for your dining room in the house. These table legs are made of stone with various modifications that are full of unique artistic value, very nice to make your dining room decor to be more special. This design is a fusion of glass to the top of the table with natural stone to the foot of the table. Stone carving [...]

Style of an Elegant Home Interior Accessories

Style of an Elegant Home Interior Accessories

This design demonstrates the ability to create beautiful interiors and high-quality room. Interior with interesting motifs to enrich each guest room. For those who prefer minimalist furniture that really white gloss cabinets available. Your favorite white on the furniture you can get here. If you want to create a luxurious atmosphere you can choose an elegant closet with the door closed with gold or silver leaf. All of the floor [...]

Design Style Elegant Modern Dining Room Contemporary

Design Style Elegant Modern Dining Room Contemporary

This is a beautiful dining room interior decor combines with modern and contemporary design furniture set is a feeling of comfort and elegance. Hulsta as well-known furniture companies have some original ideas up for grab, if you’re looking to remodel or redesign your dining room. At all you can imagine directly from a simple minimalist chair for creative dining table and the tables and candles, Hulsta provide you with all [...]

Apartment design minimalist 1

Apartment Design Minimalist Model of Tokyo

It is not easy to live in a 30 square meter apartment. Although it was possible to design her home in Tokyo so beautiful that all they need. The apartment has a bedroom, dining room and living room. There is also a balcony with lighting, table and chairs. If the weather is like an extra room.There are no partitions in the apartment. This makes it easy and flexible. Akis not [...]